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BCS Management

Renee-Karolin Kohl

Steyr Tourist Office
Tel.: +43 (0)664/8444461

In 2010, after ten years of creative preparatory work, BUSINESS CLASS STEYR® and its unique network were finally launched. Steyr is the first Austrian town to already actively involve its business clients in the product design stage. Strategy, sale and implementation, all in one hand. This forms the bases of our success.

Mag. Katrin Auer

IVZ Museum Arbeitswelt
Tel.: +43 (0)7252/77351-0

To help realize an innovative idea and to achieve an ambitious goal, requires motivated partners as well as creative ideas. Both are readily available in BUSINESS CLASS STEYR® - it’s great to be part of this successful project.

Mag. Hubert Preisinger

Voithofer & Partner
Tel.: +43 (0)664/3368590

BCS is an initiative targeted at enhancing Steyr’s attraction as a business tourism location. The town has got everything it takes! BCS brings the people together and ensures success by providing a comprehensive networking platform. I’m glad to play an active role in this project.