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The 18 BCS Advisory Board Members

Learn why they have joined the BUSINESS CLASS STEYR® advisory board and what they expect from BCS:

DI Christian Altmann - Business Upper Austria

I’m a member because in the future those regions that cooperate effectively and efficiently in networks will gain a competitive advantage over others. BCS is a great example of this.

Jürgen Armbrüster - Reisebüro Armbrüster

In meiner Zeit als Tourismusobmann unserer wunderschönen Heimatstadt konnte ich mir ein sehr umfangreiches Bild der Business Class Steyr machen, und bin überzeugt, dass dieses gemeinsame Angebot an Dienst- und Serviceleistungen verschiedenster Bereiche die Bedürfnisse der Businessgäste - und nicht nur dieser - genau trifft.
Frei nach dem Motto "GEMEINSAM SIND WIR STARK" werden Kräfte und Kompetenzen gebündelt.
Ich bin mit meinem Reisebüro auch aus diesem Grund beigetreten und auch um Ihnen Ihr individuelles Incentive mit allen Möglichkeiten wie Seminaren, Teambuildings, Events, u. v. m. zusammenzustellen. Gerne beraten wir Sie in einem persönlichen Gespräch und freuen uns auf Ihr Interesse an der Business Class Steyr.

Mag. Wolfgang Bittner - AS Automotive Solutions, Steyr

We from Automotive Solutions offer intelligent implementation consultancy and help companies to successfully realize their innovative projects. In particular, we assist medium-sized enterprises in recruiting personnel, selecting partners and suppliers and support them in identifying the right MOMENT. And exactly that moment is what no company should miss! Therefore, our aim is to organize (every year in May) an economics conference called DREHMOMENTE (PIVOTAL MOMENTS), which provides the opportunity to learn from the best. As a member of the BCS advisory board, I seek to support the development of this business community with my personal networking know-how – for I believe that Steyr’s business community can only exploit its full potential if it succeeds in building and maintaining a network based on trust. Only together we are strong!

Roland Brunhofer - ORF (Austrian public service broadcaster) Salzburg

Having been born and raised in Steyr, the town is very dear to me. The BUSINESS CLASS STEYR® initiative deserves credit, for precisely pinpointing and meeting the needs of business clients.

Mag. Manfred Derflinger - HLW (Higher Vocational School for Economics) Cultural and Congress Management, Steyr

I’m a member of the Business Class Steyr advisory board, because... :

1. I’m an enthusiastic supporter of innovative ideas that benefit my beloved Steyr;

2. It makes sense to enable straightforward communication between providers and clients;

3. HLW Steyr’s special study programme of Cultural and Congress Management is where tomorrow’s conference managers are to be found.

DI Werner Freilinger - SKF Österreich AG, Steyr

SKF expects BCS to provide comprehensive service offers for business partners in order to facilitate the organisation of business meetings and fringe events.

Bgm. Gerald Hackl - Mayor of Steyr

BUSINESS CLASS STEYR® is a very efficient network linking committed tourism service providers and clients. I’m convinced that this cooperation will give a strong impetus to Steyr’s tourism industry.

Otto Klement - Knapp am Eck Inn, Steyr

+ business with get-together at the inn is great

+ business without the inn is uncommunicative, so we want to welcome our guests multilingually; business class is …
amazing flavours from the Traunviertel region

+ so near so far…
As innkeeper, I look forward to spoiling our conference guests, who have come to visit our town and region, with tasty food & home-style authentic hospitality.

Mag. Christian Köck - Ennskraft AG, Steyr

I’ve joined the advisory board because I’m convinced that BCS’s networked approach succeeds in optimally representing and promoting Steyr as an outstanding top quality location for business clients.

Hans Mader - Landhotel Mader, Steyr

According to “SWARM INTELLIGENCE” (keynote address, foundation event) we all pursue the same goal of optimally representing our top-quality offers for the conference sector on the market and to thereby attract more business events to Steyr.

Dr. Herta Neiss - Johannes Kepler Universität, Linz

I was very glad to join BUSINESS CLASS STEYR® , not least because I still feel very much connected to my hometown.

I greatly appreciate this network organized by representatives from business, tourism, education, political and health sectors. In particular, because it enables its members to use informal contacts quickly and without all the red tape.

I expect this association to continue to professionalize Steyr’s business tourism and above all to promote intensive cooperation in the form of projects including a lively exchange of ideas with the Johannes Kepler University Linz.

Mario Pramberger, MBA - Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Steyr

In my view, Steyr is an ideal conference and event location offering a distinctive and unique ambience. Situated right in the middle between Salzburg, Vienna, Graz as well as Prague, Steyr is a perfect congress location. The Austrian Chamber of Commerce gladly supports BUSINESS CLASS STEYR®!

Prof.(FH) DI Dr. Margarethe Überwimmer - Upper Austria University of Applies Sciences, Steyr Campus

BUSINESS CLASS STEYR® makes it easy to pool resources in order to promote Steyr’s attractiveness for business tourism as well as to enhance its international recognition.

DI Bernhard Unger - Engineering Center Steyr, St. Valentin

The restructuring of Steyr’s industry from the former Steyr-Daimler-Puch town to a multicultural business hub is a true success story. As one of these companies, we benefit from holding our software user conferences in Steyr’s special historic industrial ambience. It is very important to us that our clients fully enjoy their stay in Steyr and that the town continues its efforts towards enhancing its potential as an attractive tourist location.

I specifically expect parking improvements for our clients at hotels and at the Arbeitswelt Museum event venue especially since this can be achieved without any construction.

Mag. (FH) Yvonne Viertler-Schürz - Hotel & Restaurant Minichmayr, Steyr

I’m very glad to have been invited to join the advisory board of BUSINESS CLASS STEYR® at its very start. The foundation of BUSINESS CLASS STEYR® by Mrs Kohl one year ago, has succeeded in enhancing Steyr’s reputation as an attractive business location boasting a great variety of resources by promoting active networking amongst all persons involved.

This is very important to us, for the innovative realization of attractive and in part really unique offers in cooperation with industrial and business sectors ensures synergetic success to all our members.

BUSINESS CLASS enables us to better satisfy the needs of companies and business clients both at the regional as well as international level. This successful cooperation helps us develop and realize new creative ideas as concepts circulate through our network. Our goal is to highlight Steyr’s special attractions – its singular historical ambience, beauty and architecture – and to win over the business tourism sector with incomparable offers and even further improved infrastructure.

KR Ferdinand Wieser - BMD Business Software, Steyr

We want to offer to our clients and partners an interesting alternative programme in a truly great feel-good ambience.

Andreas Zebisch - OÖ Tourismus - Convention Bureau OÖ, Linz

I’m honoured and pleased to be both an advisory board member and member of BUSINESS CLASS STEYR®  . To regionally network Upper Austrian - local - businesses and to market them transregionally is also our primary concern. Therefore we welcome and support this initiative from the very bottom of our heart.

Dr. Michael Hubich - Landeskrankenhaus Steyr

Die BUSINESS CLASS STEYR bietet die einmalige Gelegenheit, branchenübergreifend innovative Projekte zu initiieren und realisieren. Mich persönlich fasziniert, dass in der BUSINESS CLASS motivierte und offene Menschen zusammenkommen, die sich besonders durch zwei Dinge auszeichnen: die Liebe zu ihrer Arbeit und die Liebe zu ihrer Stadt.