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Following the trail of the Christkind

Regain Inner Peace

Following the tracks of the Christkindl - Rediscover inner peace

In 1695 the seriously ill tower watchman and bandmaster Ferdinand Sertl put a small baby Jesus wax figurine into the hollow of a fir tree. Several times a week he returned to pray. After he was healed from epilepsy so many pilgrims visited the place that it became necessary to build a church. Today the miraculous image is displayed in a small shrine on the high alter.

As of 15 People, duration approx. 1.5 hours

Visit to the famous pilgrimage church

A Brief description of the church in the pause between organ and saxophone variations


Mechanical nativity scene

Almost 300 figurines carved from linden wood move through a bibilical landscape rich in detail driven by a unique mechanism using bicycle chains, shafts and cogwheels.

Pöttmesser nativity scene

One of the world's largest nativity scenes with an oriental landscape spacious enough to Display the 778 up to 30 cm tall beautifully carved and clothed figurines made by the South Tyrolian Artist Ferdinand Pöttmesser (1895 - 1977) 

Guided tour through the Christkindl Post Office
(Advent until beginning of January)

The post Office opens ist doors exclusively for you even after hours, until 7 pm at the latest.

Appearance by the Steyr Christkindl

A specially designed postcard from the Christkindl to write down your resolutions for the coming year - the Christkindl will send it to you via the Christmas Post Office as a silent reminder shortly before the next holiday season.

Hotel & Restaurant Christkindlwirt

Delicious hot cider and Christmas cookies


Prices incl 20% VAT:

Guided church tour: ca. 5 Min.voluntary donations
Organ & Saxophone: ca. 20 Min.€ 72,- per Musician
Nativity scene admissions incl. guide: ca. 25 Min.€ 2,50 per Pers.
See the Steyr Christkindl€ 100,-
Post Office, post card incl. postage: approx 25 min.€ 3,- per Pers.
Cider punch and Christmas cookies€ 4,70 per Pers.
Guest service€ 95,- per Group
Foreign Language surcharge E/F/I/ES/CZ/HU€ 10,- per Group


Following the trail of the Christkind

Hotel & Restaurant Christkindlwirt
Christkindlweg 6, A-4400 Steyr
Tel.: +43 (0)7252/52184
office@christkindlwirt.at | www.christkindlwirt.at

Your BCS contact person: Georg Baumgartner

Location: Stadt Steyr total