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Steyr has influenced industrial history - through Josef Werndl and the Steyr Daimler Puch Works which grew from an ironworks company into an industrial concern. Research and development have always been the driving force behind the company's success ensuring its survival even in periods of economic crisis.

Today, the innovative drive of the Steyr Works is still alive in its successor companies which include world market leaders such as MAN, ZF, Steyr Motors, Magna Steyr, SKF, NKE, BMW und CNH.

Steyr's industrial and economic power is palpable, yet other elements dominate the townscape. The relaxing ambience of an intact historic old town, with the Steyr and Enns Rivers weaving their way through, offers a fascinating contrast to the town's busy industrial life.


Innovation is the primary driving force of the economy and ensures a company's survival and growth. In Steyr, the leading companies' research and development engineers set the course for the future - supported by non-university research institutes and the Management School at the Steyr Campus of the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences

However, Steyr's innovative drive goes still further and is promoted by many other organizations such as the Technology Centre, the Chamber of Commerce and numerous other initiatives. Each visitor can tap into this potential, especially since open-mindedness is considered a major characteristic of Steyr and its people. Business Class Steyr is your entrée into this economic scene. 


Steyr is a school town spanning all educational levels and subjects. Secondary schools, vocational schools specializing in Steyr's core fields of economy, technology, health and tourism, followed by degree courses at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences offer specialized as well as interdisciplinary education and training.

In line with Steyr's corporate international relations, education and training are internationally oriented enhancing the students' intercultural competence to successfully meet today's global challenges.


The health-care sector is represented by the Steyr State Hospital. It boasts various specialist fields and regularly hosts international conferences. In addition, the degree courses in physiotherapy and process management in health care at the University of Applied Sciences are amongst the best Austria has to offer in these fields. Companies from the health-care sector and "Systema human information systems", a leading company in hospital software, have devised interesting possibilities to combine and connect.