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DI Dr. Heimo Losbichler

FH OÖ Studienbetriebs GmbH, Steyr
Internationler Controller Verein eV, Gautingen/BRD

Controlling Insights Meeting
The Arbeitswelt Museum offers Controlling Insights Steyr a unique setting. Located directly on the Steyr River bank, the special ambience of a historic industrial loft combined with modern architecture is a pleasant contrast to the usual event locations found elsewhere. The incomparable setting definitely contributed to the great success of our event.

Dr. Christian Dorninger,
Mag. Christian Schrack

Federal Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture

eLearning Conferences Cluster,  Austrian Conference on Vocational Education and Training
The Austrian Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture maintains that Steyr is a very attractive conference venue - the unique ambience of the Arbeitswelt Museum and the historic industrial landscape at the confluence of the Enns and Steyr Rivers provide an ideal setting for inspiring events. Job-related, yet highlighted by the romance of an industrial landscape that is today home to modern events and training centres, Steyr provides an important reference point for congresses and workshops on new technologies or conferences on vocational science. Steyr’s ambience has been much praised and succeeds in always offering new constellations that even outshine those of the preceding year. The favourable prices as well as the town’s natural and historico-cultural environment top off our more than positive impression of Steyr as a top conference venue.

Prof. DDr. Hermann Enzelsberger

AUB – Austrian Urogynecology Working Group

21st Annual Meeting 2010 “Diversity and Change”
The international participants (Switzerland, Germany, USA) were very much taken by the location and ambience of the Arbeitswelt Museum as well as by the beautiful town of Steyr. The entire congress in the Arbeitswelt Musem was extremely well organized and very well run!