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Reithoffer Saal

Industrial architecture Shapes Townscapes

The historic building, dating back to 1870, is an architectonically outstanding example of industrial construction during the last decades of the Austrian monarchy. The impressive Reithoffer Hall, today a listed industrial monument, was built in the early 20th century. With ist very special historic flair it is an attractive venue for any event. 

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Seminar room L/B/H Theater Klassenzimmer U-Tafel Bankett Cocktail
Saal 225 159 0 0 0 0
Foyer + Bar 500 0 0 0 0 0

Technical equipment

Lighting system: Lighting control panel 4-piece halogen flood lights, lense spotlights, Soure Four Zoom

Audio system: Loudspeakers, subwoofer, audio mixer, CD player and DVD playerr permanently installed, wireless handheld or head microphone, cable microphones, ative DI box, MIC tripod

Accessories: Electric screen 4m x 3m, projector (notebook not available)


Rent Reithoffer SaalRates excl. 20% VAT.
up to 5 hours€ 106,-
each additional hour or fraction thereof€ 21,-
Flat rate per day€ 191,-


Reithoffer Saal

Pyrachstraße 7, A-4400 Steyr
kulturtermine@steyr.gv.at | www.steyr.at/reithoffer-saal

Your BCS contact person: Stephanie Thurnhofer

Rental: Magistrat der Stadt Steyr
Fachabteilung für Kulturangelegenheiten
Stadtplatz 31, A-4400 Steyr
Tel.: +43 (0)7252/575-345

Location: Town centre