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High Jump

Communicate more creatively through play

Bergerweg 1/5, A-4400 Steyr
Tel.: +43 (0)7252/42385 | +43 (0) 699 / 11791580
office@highjump.at | www.highjump.at

Your BCS contact person: Günter Stöffelbauer

As of 2001, the Teamevent Agentur under the direction of CO Günter Stöffelbauer was already offering its services in Steyr.

Their event focus on:

  • Getting to know each other on a non-business level
  • entertainment, fun, regaining inner balance, learning new things
  • creating a feeling of togetherness, companionship
  • improving communikation
  • strengthening of social climate
  • motivation

The events are custom-tailored to satisfy the specific needs of our clients. They are creative and entertaining, generate emotions and lastingly strengthen the culture of a company.


  • Teamevents
  • Team training events & Team building events
  • Experience seminars
  • Incentive events