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RTV see you!

Karl-Loth-Straße 4, A-4451 Garsten
Tel: +43 (0)7252/74141
office@regionaltv.at | www.regionaltv.at

Your BCS contact person: Christian Schott

The regional RTV station broadcasts TV reports about economics, politics, sports and society with RTV production teams out and about on a daily basis to audio-visually cover all kinds of events.
Your event, seminar or group activity in Steyr will be recorded and edited into a short and full length version. In addition, you'll receive a film copyright for your website.
RTV will also gladly prepare a short report for the regional TV Station.
Broadcast via Liwest, ASAK, DVB-T antennae TV, Simply TV in Upper Austria and Lower Austria Mostviertel.

Give your event eternal life (DVD, USB stick,...) as a documentary, as a walk down memory lane, as a present to give away and much more.