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Regional TV

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Karl-Loth-Straße 4, A-4451 Garsten
Tel: +43 (0)7252/74141
office@regionaltv.at | www.regionaltv.at

Your BCS contact person: Christian Schott

The regional RTV broadcaster reports about economic, political, sports and society events. RTV production teams are out daily to shoot events of all kinds.

Your event, seminar or group activity in Steyr is perfectly filmed and available in a short as well as long visual and audio version. In addition, you receive the film copyrights for your website. RTV will also gladly prepare a short report for the regional TV broadcasting station covering Steyr and the Steyr region, the Enns, Steyr and Kremstal valleys as well as the Enns/Donauwinkel and the Mostviertel regions.